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Daniel Macaraeg

How to Live the Best Life Possible

God’s Love Keeps On Loving

When I was 25, I stopped attending church.

It was such a big deal to my parents. My grandpa died around that time, but my dad told me that my mom grieved and cried more for me than the death of my grandpa. It was like she lost a son, he said.

You see, I’m the son of a pastor. Dad had been a minister for over 40 years now. I never missed church, except when I was sick. I took the children’s Bible lessons, joined track, basketball, and essay-writing at church, went to summer camps, and graduated from Ambassador University, our church-sponsored college. My parents had high expectations of me.

And one day, I just quit.

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Death Is Not Forever

It’s so unfair.

You’ve tried to be a good person. And yet, tragedy strikes. Your loved one dies. They’ve meant the whole world to you. Now, they’re gone. Just like that.

Where was God? You’ve always thought He was loving, just, and powerful — at least, that’s what Christians and religious people say. But if God is really loving and powerful, why did He allow this to happen? Does He even care?

Popular teachings about heaven, hell, and the afterlife don’t seem to help. How can you not worry about your loved one’s fate? Where are they now? Are they in heaven or in hell? What really happens on the other side of this life?

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The 7 Most Encouraging Bible Verses

It’s a fact.

The Bible is the world’s bestselling and most widely distributed book. Its 31,102 verses continue to inspire and encourage people through difficult times.

Based on the verse lists published by,, and, here are the seven most popular encouraging Bible verses, taken from the New King James Version (NKJV).

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The 4Cs of a Spiritual Diamond

Have you ever examined a diamond? Nothing compares to its dazzling beauty, sheer elegance, and fiery brilliance. It is the hardest natural substance on earth.

It is, in fact, 40 times harder than a sapphire or a ruby, the next hardest minerals. Only another diamond can scratch a diamond.

A diamond is the greatest conductor of heat, is transparent over the greatest number of wavelengths, has the highest melting point (4,090 degrees Celsius—2 1/2 times greater than that of steel!) and has a refractive index greater than any naturally occurring gemstone—giving it its characteristic fire and brilliance. Diamonds are among the rarest and costliest of gemstones.

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How Angels Helped Us From 25,000 Feet

“Please hold me, I’m scared.”

My wife Ainee clutched my left arm. “Let’s just pray,” I whispered, as I held her close. The cabin lights were starting to flicker.

I’ve been in dozens, if not hundreds of flights before — air turbulence was nothing new to me. But this was, by far, the most severe. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit worried or anxious.

Passengers would gasp whenever our ATR-72 twin-engine turboprop would suddenly drop 100 feet or more within two or three seconds.

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How to Change Someone’s Life Forever

When I was in my third year of high school, I had a very inspiring English teacher, Mr. Edgardo “Guy” Simondac. I will never forget him for as long as I live. He made an impact on my life.

For one of our class assignments, he asked us to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach, and write a reaction paper about it. I remember picking up that small paperback in the library and bringing it home with me. It was a story about a seagull who dreamed of flying like the eagles. He thought differently from the other seagulls. He didn’t settle for mediocrity.

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What Is God’s Love Language?

Have you read the book, The Five Love Languages?

My wife and I read it a few years back — it’s a rather insightful book. It was written by relationship counselor and author Gary Chapman in 1995.

He said we all tend to show love, and prefer to receive it, in five distinct ways. And quite often, a failure to understand how your mate prefers to receive it can cause conflict and feelings of being unloved and misunderstood.

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8 Surprising Signs That You Are Blessed

Can you tell if someone is being blessed? Of course I can tell, I can almost hear you exclaim. Today, people say stuff like, “I got a raise! What a real blessing!” Or “My company gave me a brand-new car! I’m really blessed.” Or “I married the man of my dreams! I feel truly blessed!”

The word “blessed” in the NT comes from the Greek word makarios, which means “happy,” but it goes beyond that. It really means “supremely blessed.”

How about you? Are you supremely blessed? How do you know you are truly blessed?

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How to Trust God and Stop Living in Fear

You’ve turned off the TV. You don’t have satellite, digital, or regular cable. You don’t watch the news. But it doesn’t seem to help. You just listen to state and world news on Christian radio. You see links to news articles on Facebook. You visit your family and they are constantly playing Fox News. You’re constantly reminded that evil is afoot. And it’s terrifying.

You know you shouldn’t worry about it. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway. Yet, you can’t help thinking about the state of the world.

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Does God Want You To Be Rich?

It’s quite confusing, isn’t it?

Some preachers say it’s more righteous to be poor; being rich will prevent you from being in God’s Kingdom. Other preachers say no, you cannot glorify God by being poor; it’s His will that all His children be rich.

Who is correct? What does the Bible really say?

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